Contract Manufacturing

Are you interested in developing a product for your own company? We will be happy to help!

As a partner, we are fast and flexible: we can respond dynamically to the customer’s needs and make decisions when they are needed.

Product development is the most important stage in the life cycle of a food product. During the process, we create the product’s taste profile, select the raw materials, define the product’s value proposition and build the foundation for cost-effective industrial production. As a pioneer in food product development, we can bear responsibility for the entire process, from product specifications to shelf life tests.

We perform the tests in our own food laboratory and, if necessary, in an accredited partner laboratory. Alternatively, we can develop the product in cooperation with the customer.

A typical product development process takes from a few weeks to a few months.

Oure Service Package

All our services are available either individually or as a turnkey package covering the entire process, from product development to the store shelf.

  1. Client
  2. Product development
  3. Procurement of raw materials and packaging materials
  4. Product manufacturing and packaging
  5. Warehousing, shipping and freight services

“We were thinking about making our own flavored butter for our restaurant. I contacted Lieksa’s Quality Treats and then things started to happen.
The product was ready for the first taste test in just one week and for production in three weeks. The first products packaged according to our brand were completed six weeks after the first contact.”

Markku Hautala, Storekeeper
K-Citymarket Järvenpää

From raw material to finished product

With four modern lines, we produce cold-preservable food products from soups to purées and from porridge to curds. We manufacture our quarks using the traditional whey extraction method. The entire manufacturing process is governed by the quality system FSSC 22000.

FSSC 22000 Certificate (pdf)

We cool hot products quickly with suction cooling, which ensures excellent shelf life. We use six automated packaging lines. In addition, the pallet packing of the sales lot has been robotized. We store refrigerated fresh products in our own 0–+4 degree cold storage to await transport to central stores or stores. We also have a cold storage and a warm storage.

Raw materials and packaging materials

We have good contacts with reliable suppliers of raw materials and packaging materials. Therefore, we can facilitate the customer’s work by taking responsibility for the procurement of raw materials and packaging materials.

Efficiency in storage

  • Every day, we send thousands of kilos of refrigerated food to central warehouses and directly to the stores.
  • We can take responsibility for the intermediate storage of the products in our cold storage, freezer or hot room.
  • We palletize and label the sales shipments and take care of the dispatch and shipping to the agreed destination.
  • This efficient internal logistics increases our flexibility and efficiency.
  • We use a modern ERP system for inventory management, batch tracking, and production control.

Do you have an idea that needs production? Contact us and let’s find a solution together!