About the Company

Lieksan Laatuherkut Oy manufactures cold-preservable fresh food mixes, such as organic root purees, porridges, seasoned butters, processed cheeses and curd snacks and paskha. We use high-quality and as far as possible domestic raw materials in our products, some of which come to us from producers in the surrounding area.

Our annual production capacity is around 3.5 million kilos.

The majority are private label products and contract manufacturing products. The total volume is high, and we are also able to manufacture small batches of a few hundred kilos. We use traditional methods in manufacturing, but we seek efficiency from automation.

In the future, we will invest even more strongly in contract manufacturing. As a partner, we are fast and flexible: we can respond dynamically to the customer’s needs.

Leading contract manufacturer of food pulp in Finland


  • Doing things with purpose
  • Balance and harmony in actions and attitudes
  • Accepting the change
  • Self-initiated development
  • Common good (customers – personnel – company)

Lieksan Laatuherkut Oy in numbers

  • Annual capacity 3,5 million kilos
  • 1,2 M kilos of organic carrot and organic carrot puree per year
  • 1,2 M kilos rise porridge
  • 0,6 M kilos curd snacks / pskha
  • 0,3 M kilos seasoned butters
  • 0,2 M kilos processed cheese

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